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user notifications

Notifylo enables you to design and ship user notifications quickly, send to multiple channels with one API, and provide a top-notch notification experience for your users.

The all-in-one
user notification platform

Don't waste time building your own user notification stack. Use Notifylo and spend more time building your actual product.

Notification Designer

Manage all of your notification templates in one place. Create and edit them with a drag and drop template designer.


Trigger multiple notification channels through one API. Add or remove channels without any code changes.

BYO Provider

Deliver notifications through your preferred provider for each channel. Easily swap providers and setup fallback providers.

Test Mode

Send test mode API requests and debug your integration before delivering live notifications to users.

User Preferences

Give users a way to easily adjust their notification preferences through a hosted preferences page.

Delivery Rules

Set which channels to use for each notification. Configure rules to prevent duplicates, delay channels, and more.

by Designers

Notification Designer = Time Saved

Design branded notification templates with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Rest easy knowing that they will get delivered and look good on every device.

Our battle-tested starter templates take the guesswork out of designing transactional notifications. No more developer time spent on pesky template changes.

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Thanks for putting this together so quickly!

by Developers

One API = Less Code

Use one API to trigger multi-channel notifications, across any platform. We have SDKs for Javascript, Ruby, Python, and other server-side languages.

Once you've integrated with Notifylo, you can trigger new notifications with just a few lines of code. Even better yet, adding new channels doesn't require any code at all.

  • Email
  • Email
  • SMS
  • SMS
  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Direct
  • Direct

by Users

User Preferences = Happier Users

Give your users the ability to customize exactly when and how they want to be notified. Our hosted user preferences page is all it takes to deliver a great notification experience. After all, notifications are only valuable if your users actually want them.

No need to worry about making changes to user preferences as you add new channels or notifications – we handle all of this.

Notification Preferences
Mobile Notifications Turn on if you want to recieve mobile push notifications.

Get notified when someone completes a task.

Get notified when someone posts a comment.

Get notified when someone mentions you.

Get notified when a new invite is sent.

by Product Teams

In-App Widget = More Engagement

Boost user engagement and deliver a more cohesive notification experience with our in-app notifications widget. Your users can view their complete notification history and easily tweak their notification preferences.

Don't worry about building your own in-app notification feature – we've got you covered.

by DevOps Teams

Delivery Rules = Cost Savings

Easily configure delivery rules for each notification to account for channel preferences, delay between channels, read receipt halting, and more.

Get smart with your delivery strategy to reduce your overall sending costs and increase user engagement. Taking a "spray and pray" approach with your notifications is not good for anyone – you or your users.

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